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TempSure Specialist

Gearity Wellness Center

located in Orlando, FL, St. Cloud, FL, and Lake Nona, FL

You don’t have to undergo invasive surgery to achieve tighter skin or soften wrinkles and lines. At Gearity Wellness Center with locations in St. Cloud and Orlando, Florida, the expert medical practitioners offer TempSure™ Envi therapy that emits radiofrequency waves to stimulate skin healing and rejuvenation. To experience the face-lifting effects of TempSure, call one of the offices or book an appointment online.

TempSure Q & A



What is TempSure?

TempSure heats your skin using radiofrequency energy. This heat makes your skin think it’s been injured, which prompts a healing mechanism. Your body sends healing growth factors to the treated areas and stimulates the development of new collagen and elastin, which are natural skin-strengthening compounds. As a result, your skin is firmer, fresher looking, and more youthful.

What makes TempSure unique?

Compared to other devices that heat your skin, TempSure offers a unique delivery of radiofrequency that stimulates your nerves much less than other devices. As a result, the team at Gearity Wellness Center can use a higher temperature without causing you pain or skin damage. As a result, TempSure works its skin-rejuvenating magic faster and more effectively.

Several sizes of handpiece are available, so the team at Gearity Wellness Center can precisely deliver the radiofrequency energy.

Do TempSure treatments hurt?

TempSure treatments are well-tolerated, causing very little discomfort. You feel a warmth pass over your skin in areas treated with the TempSure wand. The whole session takes about 20 minutes, with the ultimate treatment time depending on the size of the area being addressed.

When will I see results from TempSure?

You see some results almost immediately after your first treatment. As your skin continues to repair itself, you’ll notice more improvements in strength and a reduction in wrinkles. Optimal results usually appear in four to six weeks as collagen and elastin continue to form and improve skin health.

You benefit from more than one treatment. Most men and women require about four total treatments, spaced about two to four weeks apart. You may also benefit from a touch-up treatment once every six to 12 months afterward, too.

What downtime is associated with TempSure?

TempSure requires no downtime. You can schedule an appointment during your lunch break and return to work right afterward. You may have some slight redness and tingling, but these side effects are short-lived.

TempSure can be combined with other skin-enhancing and anti-aging treatments, including injectables.

To learn more about TempSure Envi and its noninvasive face-lifting effects, call Gearity Wellness Center or book a consultation using the online tool.