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GearityMD Skin Care


We are pleased to offer a comprehensive skin care line, crafted by our medical director, Dr. Douglas Gearity.

Gearity MD Skin Care products have been carefully formulated to maintain healthy skin. They are all a great way to protect and nourish skin to prevent signs of aging or skin damage and make an excellent complement to our med spa treatments.


Pure Lactic: A gentle, exfoliating cleanser that renews and refreshes skin.

Pure Ultra: An exfoliating cleaner that is a great choice for those with oily skin and our acne-prone patients.

RosaDerm: A gentle cleanser for those with sensitive skin. It can reduce the appearance of irritated, red skin.


Hyal-Peptide: Enhances overall moisture while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Paraben and fragrance-free.

Hydra Matte: 100% oil-free moisturizer that mattifies skin. A great choice for oily skin.

Ultra Hydrate Rich: Locks in moisture and enhances skin’s natural barrier function. Effective at combating dry skin.


BB Glow: SPF 30 sunscreen and bronzer

BB Balm: SPF 40 sunscreen with no fragrance or preservatives.

Eye Products

Circe Bright: Brightens skin around the eyes; great for combating dark circles.

Hydra DePuff: Reduces the appearance of under-eye puffiness.

Skin Tone Management

Pure Pore: Exfoliates and degreases skin. Combats acne and breakouts.

Advanced Anti-Ox Plus: Antioxidant rich to brighten and smooth texture while enhancing retinoid effectiveness.

Blemish Treat Touch Stick: Aids in the elimination of active acne blemishes with concealing acne.

Rosa Silk: A gentle exfoliator used once a week for sensitive skin.

Skin Renewal

Even Bright: Brightens skin and improves overall texture.

Renew and Restore: Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Paraben free.

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