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Skin irregularities, such as uneven texture and discoloration, can make you feel less than your best. At Gearity Wellness Center, LLC , with locations in St. Cloud and Orlando, Florida, the team of expert providers offers PicoSure™ aesthetic laser rejuvenation to address signs of aging, acne scars, remove tattoos, and much more. Call one of the locations or book an appointment using the online tool to find out how you can benefit from PicoSure treatments.

Picosure Q & A



What is PicoSure?

PicoSure is an aesthetic laser first developed and used to remove unwanted tattoos. The laser emits short bursts of energy to shatter and dissolve excess pigment in your skin with less pain than other tattoo removal methods.

More recent research shows that PicoSure is just as effective in addressing other skin imperfections. You can experience skin rejuvenation and a clearer complexion with minimal downtime and just a few hours of a pink hue to your skin.

What types of skin issues can PicoSure treat?

PicoSure is used to remove tattoos and so much more. Discuss the possibility of PicoSure for issues including:

  • Dark spots, such as age spots and freckles
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Textural changes
  • General skin discoloration

PicoSure can be used on all skin types but is best administered by medically trained staff such as those practicing at Gearity Wellness Center, LLC.

What should I expect during a PicoSure session?

Treatments with PicoSure are quick but can be slightly uncomfortable. You feel a sensation as if a rubber band were snapping against your skin during a session. The providers at Gearity Wellness Center, LLC explain what you should expect and whether they recommend a topical numbing cream.

Each session lasts about 15 minutes on average, but the actual length depends on the size and extent of your treatment area or areas.

What are the side effects of PicoSure treatments?

Immediately following PicoSure treatment, you may feel like you have a mild sunburn, and the treated skin appears pinkish-red for a few hours. The experts at Gearity Wellness Center, LLC  emphasize the absolute importance of protecting your treated skin from sun exposure for several days afterward. They can also provide creams or ointments to ease recovery.

How many treatments with PicoSure will I need to see results?

Exactly how many treatments you need depends on your particular skin needs. The team at Gearity Wellness Center, LLC  puts together an individualized treatment plan for you. Usually, several treatments are required, each spaced three to six weeks apart.

To learn how you can benefit from PicoSure for skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal, call GearityWellness Center, LLC  or book a consultation using the online tool.