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The HCG Diet throughout Central Florida has become a popular weight loss option. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, and is the hormone that women produce during pregnancy.

During a pregnancy, the fetus needs an abundance of calories to grow, and HCG mobilizes the woman’s fat stores and prepares them to be used as nourishment/nutrition to support the fetus with needed calories. Essentially, the hormone promotes the conversion of fat from the mother into calories for the fetus to use.

This mechanism of action (fat mobilizing) is also thought to have an appetite suppressing effect our patients, allowing them to maintain life as usual, on a restricted caloric intake. Thus, our program is designed to help patients shift from a “glucose” dependency to a “fat” dependency for the duration of the program.

Metamorphosis has created a unique HCG Program that uses a Diet, Medical and a Hormone approach to losing weight. People who have struggled with failed weight loss attempts find great success wirth HCG.

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